our vision and our aims & objectives


1) To inspire, raise awareness, guide and demonstrate to millions of people about Dhyana and its components, methods, philosophy and benefits both to the common populace and academics.

2) To awaken people of their potential and what the world means to them, their contribution to the world and vice versa.

3) To develop the understanding that whether one is a believer or not, at first man should faithfully protect and cherish Humanity through which the truths of all religions can be comprehended. All religions are like different colourful petals of the flower of spiritual truths. At its pollen we reside, and we must be grateful for our origin, roots and culture. This message to echo in the hearts of people.

4) To make one understand the deeper spiritual relationship between Nature, universe and beyond.

5) To foster the understanding that artificial intelligence should not control natural humans nor be weakened from their aid and comfort.

6) To encourage the truth that everyone has to protect and retain the sovereignty of being a natural human, with their own freedom of speech and their own belief system to be willfully practised.

7) To educate at least one million people around the world to speak in the Sanskrit language.

8) To establish a Gurukula system of education in all centres of the world. Educating students on Arka’s yogic philosophy and teachings.
And to set up, at least in India, an international residential school both for girls and boys.

9) To establish one Ayurvedic college and hospital for service, study and research.

10) To bring back ancient wisdom to modern minds, the knowledge that was undermined and suppressed by modern society.

Aims & Objectives

At Arka Foundation India, we have a number of aims and objectives that we believe help develop and reshape individuals and communities. These aims and objectives are backed by our commitment to our causes.

  • Promote the cause of Education, Science, Literature, Culture and Tradition
  • Bring unison in existing diversities for better human cooperation and harmony of living 
  • Provide awareness, maintaining good health and overall well-being
  • Encourage indoor-outdoor sports, to maintain physical fitness, and improve in physical development and health
  • Help the vulnerable with medicine, education and social support
  • To inspire and encourage everyone to experience spiritual freedom 
  • Promote a more positive attitude and enthusiasm about life, its purpose and meaningfulness
  • Teach, promote and practise the Intuitive Method to help achieve mental and physical well-being

“Peace begins to flourish in our minds and hearts when we start our day with acceptance.” 

- srinivas arka

Our causes:


We run a Kindergarden and primary school to 10th Grade at Arka Dhama  Mysore and also run a traditional Gurukul system of Education. We medical camps, and provide educational utilities and essential facilities in village schools.

Community Support

We support communities through teaching the Intuitive Method to help promote mindful living, mental and physical well-being, and also offering vocational trading programmes to residents of nearby local villages


We encourage classical and folk art forms, and help maintain traditional values and culture.

Health & Well-being

We encourage sustainable-living; bringing awareness about the use of organically grown vegetables, fruits and crops. We encourage a balance active lifestyle through sports, yoga, Intuitive meditation, mental, emotional and spiritual health support.