Yoga Training Courses

TTC Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Yoga Teachers Training Courses are offered.

Yoga Courses equivalent to certifications offered by the Yoga Certification Board – YCB for Yoga Professionals.

TTC Level 1 Yoga Course – equivalent to Yoga Protocol Instructor Course. 

TTC Level 2 Yoga Course – equivalent to Yoga Wellness Instructor Course.

TTC Level 3 Yoga Course – equivalent to Yoga Teacher & Evaluator Course.

Customised short-term Yoga Training Courses are also offered to cater to individual needs of people interested in learning for their health benefits and spiritual progress.  

Arka Dhyana Yoga Training Courses

Arka Dhyana Yoga Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Training Courses are conducted.

About Yoga Certification Board (YCB)

With the growing popularity of Yoga across the world, the demand for institutionally trained Yoga teachers/Yoga Instructors/Yoga Therapist  is on rise. The Yoga Certification Board thus has a great role to play in catering to this rising demand.

Yoga Certification Board is established for certification of Yoga professionals and accreditation Institutions, prescribing syllabus for various levels of Yoga trainers and any such activities that may be considered necessary for promotion of Yoga. Professional assessment of these service providers are carried so as to certify the competencies so that user of the the service is assured of the skill sets possessed by the trainer.

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