Our Founder Srinivas Arka is a renowned philosopher known for his lectures and books that have inspired people to explore their consciousness. He has developed a unique and practical method known as the Intuitive Method, through which people are able to tap into their positive potential abilities and enhance their overall well-being.

For over two decades he has been travelling the world sharing his insights with people from various backgrounds, cultures and professions and meeting thinkers, policy makers, politicians, professionals and students. Articles by and about him have been published in many journals, newspapers and magazines and he has been interviewed on radio and television shows around the world. 

Srinivas Arka has also been invited to give lectures and seminars at universities and other educational institutions worldwide. His talks and guidance offer a rare combination of scientific understanding with the blissful insights of spiritual experience, nourishing both the mind and the heart. 

His philosophy has a meta-physical foundation. It centres on the need for balance in our lives and the importance of finding equilibrium in family, professional and social responsibilities. He also demonstrates how science and philosophical understanding and personal spiritual experiences play complementary roles in expanding human consciousness, harmony and greater health.