Serving and promoting the cause of Education, Science, Literature, Culture and Tradition, imparting knowledge.

Bringing unison in existing diversities for better human cooperation and harmony of living. With regard to these objectives, to set-up, promote institutions either on our own or in association with other organisations nationally or internationally.

Providing awareness about health and environment, with naturally available preventive and remedial methods, to help with maintaining good health and overall well-being.

Encouraging indoor-outdoor sports, to maintain physical fitness, and improve in physical development and health.

Helping the poor and needy in medical, educational, or other means of general public utility.

Disseminating knowledge by way of newsletters, magazines, articles, books, audio, visual or multimedia as may be available.

To inspire and encourage everyone to experience spiritual freedom and to realise how uniquely special and resourceful everyone is, to develop a more positive attitude and enthusiasm about life, its purpose and meaningfulness.

To remind people how important it is to keep in touch with the inner self as well as the outside world and to realise that materialism is not separate from spirituality but is integral to it.

To teach people how to practise the Intuitive Method to help achieve peace of mind and increase the faculties of the mind; to educate people how effective it actually is in maintaining mental well-being, in supporting and managing physical pain and discomfort.

To bring awareness of how science and spirituality complement each other and have a greater role to play in our lives for more clarity, health, harmony and expanded states of consciousness.

To study and understand more of the underlying common humanity amongst various cultures, thereby enhancing the level of communication and harmony for living together with mutual respect.